More than 80% of people rely on their own vehicle for transportation...

In this modern world, driving is an essential part of our lives. More than 80% of people rely on their own vehicle for transportation to and from work, school, errands and more. This means that most of the population spends a fair amount of their time in a motor vehicle. Part of being a safe driver is abstaining from consuming alcohol before you are going to operate a motor vehicle. 

While accidents sometimes cannot be avoided, accidents involving drunk driving often can. Alarmingly, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that in 2009, about one-third of all automobile crashes involved an alcohol-impaired driver. In looking at data collected for all automobile accidents in 2009, it was recorded that more than two million people were treated for injuries after a motor vehicle accident. In short, drinking and driving is extremely dangerous and is a public safety issue. That’s why states have continued to crack down on those convicted of this serious criminal offense.

The consumption of alcohol, even in relatively small amounts, increases the risk of being involved in a crash for motorists and pedestrians. Not only does alcohol impair processes critical to safe road use, such as vision and reaction time, it is also associated with impaired judgement and so is often linked to other high-risk road use behaviours such as speeding or not using seat-belts. In many countries, research indicates that considerable proportions of drivers, motorcyclists and pedestrians have alcohol in their blood in sufficient concentrations to impair their road use skills. While the profile of drink-drivers differs somewhat between regions, there are a number of factors that increase the risk of crashes involving drinking and driving. 

Prevention Tools:
Sober Rides - From TxDOT, live public transportation routing info that works everywhere
BAC Calculator - from BuzzCheck
Mr. Checkpoint - Get DUI checkpoint updates on your phone
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