Did Guardian Angel Save Teen? Katie Lent Saved By Mysterious Priest Aft...

Miracles are REAL! God is present among us, even in the most dire & scary situations. This 19 year old girl was hit by a drunk driver and trapped in her car. Rescuers were doing everything they knew possible to get her out, but it wasn't working. Then, all of a sudden, a man appeared with a bottle of anointing oil. He asked to pray & anoint the trapped girl. Then, he was gone. No one saw him again and no one knew where he came from. The best news: The girl made it out alive & after surgery, is recovering well.

Praise God for his life-giving power! Watch the ABC News story here:

Update (June 16): the "mystery man" was found later to be a priest. However, this does not debunk the miracle. For instance, the prophets who are real people, like Moses, performed miracles. GOD works through people. Therefore, just because an actual priest showed up, prayed, and the girl was then rescued does NOT make this account less of a miracle.