Your Vote is Your Voice

Heather Mallary
"Your vote is your voice." 

If you are a registered voter in Ada County you can cast your ballot now through Nov. 2 
at the Ada County Elections Office on 400 N. Benjamin Lane from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 
Monday through Friday.

It's also important for citizens to know how to work the voting machines or to mark 
the ballots they'll be using when they vote, so that their votes will be counted.  
Why vote? Because in America, that is the way we change things. 
That is the way we reform the system. That is the way we guard against the
 threats to our liberties and exercise our responsibilities. That is the way that we keep 
America free and every vote counts.  An election might be decided by a single 
vote and history would be changed because a person got...or lost...that one vote!