I am stronger than you know and more fearless than ever

I have written a lot throughout my life and most of the time it starts with a quote from a simple thought, or something that has inspired me.  Sometimes these quotes develop into just more thoughtful thinking and sometimes they develop into stories I can write about and can relate to other's of what they are going through in life too.  

I was recently writing a quote and I usually check online to make sure that I am not using someone else's words when it comes to something I have written.  So I typed my quote into my google search engine to find that it is an original.  I love writing about something that comes from a place deep within and it helps to know that no one else has written what I want to describe to the world using my own words and experience.

"I am stronger than you know and more fearless than ever." 

We all go though struggles in life and we would not be who we are without going through life without knowing what it feels like to have setbacks.  Through difficult times I have discovered to have faith in moving forward and to live life more fearlessly.  As long as you believe and tell yourself that you can get though anything in life, you consciously become stronger and your mind becomes more fearless.  Suddenly you aren't scared any more of the unknown, but look at life with a more open mind and heart.  When you do this, you become at peace with yourself.  When you become at peace with yourself the world will seamlessly open up to you and the possibilities will be endless.