Boise Art Museum, Environmental Art Exhibit

Heather Mallary, Miss Idaho International 2011
Boise Art Museum, Art & Environment Exhibit

   This exhibition focuses on how a group of Northwest artists are currently responding to the heightened awareness of global issues and specific environmental concerns in the Northwest region. Through their artwork these artists are reacting to eight specific environmental issues which have been identified by top environmentalists as primary concerns:
growth management, waste management-land and sea, mass production/consumption, transportation, preservation of wilderness and wetlands, biodiversity, climate change and energy.

Nothing is more beautiful than the world we live in...

Earth from the Air by Jann Arthus-Bertrand

Environmental Art has the power to change the way we view our world.
Some artists showcase the innate beauty in nature.


Just outside of the Boise Art Museum, is the Boise Rose Garden
(where these photos were taken)