Idaho International Pageant 2011

What an Amazing weekend it has been!

   Beginning with my 22ed Birthday on the 12th of August, all of the Idaho International 2011 Contestants wished & sung me Happy Birthday during the Queens Fairwell Dinner and that had made my entire day so much more special! Thank you all so much again*

   On Friday the 13th starting at 9am we began preparing for the Mrs. Miss and Teen Idaho International Pageant. All of the Contestants ran through opening number, fun fashion, fitness, and the evening gown competition. We ran though the walking patterns until 3:30pm and then the Contestants headed off to prepare for Interview, which the first Interview Group stated at 6:30pm.

-What I love the most about Pageant weekend is truly getting to know the girls and women who all dream and inspire, also hearing their goals and personal stories, because each and every single one of them shares a different story and are all so inspiring! I don’t know how many times I almost started to cry from hearing all of their emotional and touching stories*

   As the new Miss Idaho International I was invited to the Judges Dinner to meet and talk with all of the 2011 Idaho Intl. Judges with Brandi Townsend, Mrs. Idaho Intl. and Taylor Lybbert Miss Teen Idaho Intl 2010. We had a great time at dinner with all of the judges, they were all very nice to meet & knew that they had an incredible group tonight to interview with for choosing the next Mrs. and Teen Idaho Intl. Queens.

   After dinner the interviews began from 6:30pm to almost 10:00pm it seemed that everyone was excited & relieved to have their interviews done and ready to move on to the final pageant night on Saturday the 14th of August.

   Final Day of the Mrs. Miss and Teen Idaho Intl. Pageant! Doors opened at 7:00pm for the 2011 Idaho International Pageant. Everything went very well and I am proud of all of the contestants for all of their hard work and having accomplished so much! It breaks my heart for the girls who aren’t called for the top 5 and it took a lot for me not to cry with them, because I have been in their shoes before and it hurts. This is a dream and there is only one girl who will win, whose dream will come true that night… Sometimes life calls you for another purpose, just never stop dreaming or believing in yourself*

     This dream only made me work harder for my goal and I believed that God would give me the desires of my heart. I know we all hear it time and time again 'follow your dreams', but because of the amazing support system of family & friends, I had the strength to believe in myself and the endurance to never give up, no matter how hard the obstacles may have been. Thank you to all the irreplaceable people that God has blessed my life with! 2011 results

Mrs. Idaho International 2011 Rachel Landon

Stephanie Garcia First Runner-Up

Jill Knapp Second Runner- Up

Angela Pable Third Runner-Up

Diane Bevan Forth Runner-Up

Miss Idaho International 2011 Heather Mallary

Miss Teen Idaho International 2011 Julia Jaquin

Alyssa Watson First Runner-Up

Briana Cook Second Runner-Up

Sami Howerton Third Runner-Up

Amanda Foster Fourth Runner-Up

Congratulations to the new Idaho Intl. Title Holders